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Day trips from London

Royal Opera House

Royal Opera House

The city of London is full of stunning attractions that bring in millions of tourists every year. From the Houses of Parliament to Buckingham Palace, to the Tower of London and the famous black cabs and red double-decker buses, there's always something to see in one of the world's busiest and most popular cities. But what if you've already seen it all? Seasoned London visitors who are still looking to have fun in the city may roll their eyes at the mention of Madam Tussauds, or the idea of a trip down the Thames on a tour boat, but if you're tired of all the traditional attractions, what is there to do for entertainment within London? The answer is, plenty, plus you don't have to run around finding back-street, underground venues or squish yourself into a space fit for fewer than fifty to watch some acclaimed indie comedy or live gig from a band whose fame is just around the corner. If you're looking for a smashing day-trip, then look no further for some fun ideas that should give you the inspiration you need to make yours a great day out.

Frosty Fun

One of London's best-kept secrets is the number of gelato houses springing up around the capital. Gaining the popularity of independent coffee shops, gelato houses and cafes specialise in delicious, unusual ice-creams that will melt in your mouth. There is an eye-popping range of flavours to choose from, differing between establishments, including more traditional ice-creams such as pistachio and hazelnut, to the weird and wonderful, such as grapefruit, lemon curd and sour cherry ripple. See if you can stumble upon one of the many miniscule gelato houses London has to offer, for a taste of something completely different.

English Tea

If you're looking for a pick-me-up outside of the city, try the Chocolate Theatre Cafe in Henley-on-Thames. Less than an hour's drive from the centre of London, the cafe is perched on the bank of the Thames and is the perfect place for a cup of tea and a mouth-watering piece of cake. With 5 metres of patisserie cabinets, as well as home-made chocolates for sale and local Henley cream teas, this is a great place to get a true taste of the British tea tradition and maybe get something delicious to take home.

Dramatic Day Trips

If you're a theatre-lover, or enjoy a stage spectacular, then London is the city for you. From musicals to opera at the Royal Opera House, to internationally-acclaimed ballet performances and even stage adaptations of the nation's favourite kids' books, the London stage has a whole host of variety to offer. From the tongue-in-cheek, Tony Award-winning "The Book of Mormon" (brought to you by the creators of South Park, no less), to long-running plays like Agatha Christie's "The Mousetrap" and kid-friendly shows like "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", London's theatrical entertainment is second to none. Given the immense, understandable popularity of these sell-out shows, booking early is your best option. To avoid disappointment, book before you go, either through the theatre company themselves, or via a website such as boxoffice, which has the added advantage of potential deals and listings to help you choose the right show for you.

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